VCS ConfigurationΒΆ

coveralls-python supports git by default and will run the necessary git commands to collect the required information without any intervention.

As describe in the coveralls docs, you may also configure these values by setting environment variables. These will be used in the fallback case, eg. if git is not available or your project is not a git repository.

As described in the linked documentation, you can also use this method to support non- git projects:

GIT_ID=$(hg tip --template '{node}\n')
GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=$(hg tip --template '{author|person}\n')
GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=$(hg tip --template '{author|email}\n')
GIT_COMMITTER_NAME=$(hg tip --template '{author|person}\n')
GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL=$(hg tip --template '{author|email}\n')
GIT_MESSAGE=$(hg tip --template '{desc}\n')
GIT_BRANCH=$(hg branch)