Multiple Language Support

Tracking multi-language repo coverage requires an extra setup of merging coverage data for submission.

To send merged data, you must use each of your coverage reporting tools in sequence, then merge the JSON data in the last step.

For example, to submit coverage for a project using both mocha and py.test, you could use the coveralls-lcov library and run:

# generate mocha coverage data
mocha --reporter mocha-lcov-reporter */tests/static/js/* >

# convert data with coveralls-lcov
coveralls-lcov -v -n > coverage.json

# merge mocha coverage with python coverage and send to coveralls
coveralls --merge=coverage.json

If you want to use this library to create a JSON blob for usage elsewhere, you can run:

coveralls --output=coverage.json

Technical Details

The JSON file to be merged must be of “coveralls-style” and contain thus a source_files key. The Coveralls API has more information.